The MicroRope is the perfect accessory for hanging our popular Amazonas Traveller hammock models. This lightweight, rugged hanging set provides all you need to hang a hammock from trees without causing damage to the tree or the use of tools! The MicroRope features strong polyester ropes and tree friendly polyester straps with two aluminum adjustable slides to take up the slack between fixed hanging points.

  • Hanging your hammock just got easier with Byer of Maine’s Micro Rope Hanging System. Customize style and length right at the attachment point with the adjustable bar. Using both ropes included in the package will give up to 10 feet of adjustment, letting you get just the right amount of slack.
  • Setup is easy and intuitive and requires no special tools. All you do need are two trees, poles or deck posts the right length and height for your hammock, and you’re ready to go.
  • At 9.2oz and compact when packed away, this set is perfect for backpacking, as very little weight and space are taken up.
  • The included ropes and tree straps are Tree Friendly, meaning you can relax in your hammock without worrying about damage to the local environment.
  • This rope system can hold up to 330lbs total weight (includes hammock and hammock occupants).

Color: Red / Blue. Length: 100". Weight: 9.2 oz. Capacity: 330lbs.

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