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Circles Bird Bath, Hanging Style -- OUTLET STOCK

A note regarding Byer Outlet Products:  These are consumer returns or overstock and may have varying cosmetic defects, color or finish flaws, not effecting function.  All Byer Outlet products carry a 90 day limited warranty.

The Alcyon Circles Bird Bath is a made from durable and attractive porcelain stoneware designed to withstand outdoor exposure. The beautiful glaze accentuates the concentric circle design.This unique design looks beautiful in your backyard, and comes available in three stunning color options.

The baths are frost-proof, though they should be taken in during the winter months and not left out in freezing temperatures.

Colors: Cobalt Blue, Sandy Granite, Meadow Green, Jade Green, Rustic Red. Dimensions: 14"L X 14"W X 34"H. Weight: 4 lbs.  Water depth, 2 in., & capacity is 64 fl. oz.

Byer Birding


...Always good for the birds!