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A note regarding Byer Outlet Products:  These are consumer returns or overstock and may have varying cosmetic defects, color or finish flaws, not effecting function.  All Byer Outlet products carry a 90 day warranty.


Camp in style without adding excessive weight to your pack with the Easy Traveller Hammock. Lightweight and requiring no special tools, you’ll be off the ground in no time. We use an uncoated heavy-duty parachute nylon that will support up to 275lbs, and will hold up to standard wear and tear without mildewing, like classic cotton canvas. This fabric does provide a bit of stretch, keeping the fabric soft and comfortable. This hammock works very well with our Micro Strap rope system, but will also work with most other rope systems. When you’re ready to head home, the Easy Traveller folds up and tucks away into its own stuff sack.


Take it anywhere: Size is perfect for on-the-go. Take it camping, take it hiking, set it up in your home, or anywhere you want to while away the hours.

Lightweight but strong, this 13oz hammock holds up to 275lbs! The reinforced seams and improved hanging point make taking a hammock with you wherever you go a reality.

Byer of Maine's Easy Traveller hammock comes in three colors: Fern Green, Twilight Red, and Cascade Blue. Choose your favorite and get lounging today!

  • Lounge in comfort when camping without having to haul around a lot of heavy equipment. At only 13oz but with a weight capacity of 275lbs, our Easy Traveller hammock guarantees roughing it while you camp doesn’t mean adding unnecessary hassle.
  • This hammock is made with heavy-duty uncoated parachute nylon fabric, and will last for years to come.
  • Don’t worry about this hammock flipping on you; it’s perfectly stable, particularly when you lay diagonally, the Brazilian way.
  • This hammock can be hung with our Micro Strap system, or whichever hanging system you prefer. The ideal hanging point is between 9’ and 10’.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, and is easy to break down and transport with the included stuff sack.

Colors: Fern Green, Twilight Red, Cascade Blue. Dimensions: 116"L X 56"W. Weight: 13 oz. Approximate Hanging Point: 9' - 10'. Weight Capacity: 275 pounds.

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