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Luna Stand

All steel construction means this hammock chair stand will deliver on its promise to let you relax in your favorite hanging chair without worrying about being dumped on the ground. The steel tubes are coated with a durable powder finish in an attractive rockstone pattern that requires minimal regular maintenance to keep it looking new and rust-free. This unique practical German design is highly functional, allowing you to adjust its height to fit your individual hanging needs. Initial assembly is easy and intuitive, and requires no tools at all to get you in the air. This chair stand requires a minimum floor space of 47” wide and 57” deep. Height can be adjusted up to 94” (about 8’). PLEASE NOTE that the Amazonas Luna Chair stand is designed for use in residential leisure applications to provide support for a hanging chair. It should provide many years of excellent service in home applications when used for quiet relaxation. The chair it supports should NOT be used as a swing or subjected to continuous rotation. It should NOT be subjected to loads exceeding the 250 lb. weight limit. It is NOT designed for use in therapeutic care or other commercial or institutional environments where it would be subjected continuous movement, rotation, or excessive repeated loading.

  • While away a lazy afternoon in your favorite hammock chair safely with the Luna stand. Made from all steel construction, this stand doesn’t require bolting to the floor to keep you suspended and carefree.
  • Assembly is literally a snap--you simply insert thumb screws, and then lock the pieces into place. No special tools are required. In fact, no tools are required at all!
  • This hammock stand’s design is simple and neutral enough that it won’t clash with any decor, and all the focus can remain on the chair. Further, it’s not so big and bulky it requires a huge amount of space all on its own.
  • With only a little bit of care, this chair stand should last you a long time due to the powder coating used as finish on the steel tubes. If used outdoors, you may see some surface rust, which can easily be removed with minimal maintenance.
  • The height of this stand can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of hanging chairs and users, with the range spanning 79” to 94”.

Dimensions: 57"L X 47"W X 78-94"H. Weight: 46 lbs. Weight capacity : 250 lbs.

The Luna Stand ships Ready-to-Assemble (Click here for Assembly Instructions)