Byer Cots

    Beyer of Maine 140 years


    Byer of Maine folding cots have served a diverse range of customers for generations. In addition to campers and outdoor enthusiasts, our folding cots have served the military, disaster relief organizations such as the American Red Cross, scouting organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, as well as emergency preparedness departments and shelters in many towns, cities and states. From lightweight and compact to full sized and rugged, we offer folding cots to fit a wide range of applications and budgets.

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    Maine Heritage Cot $189.95 USD
    EasyCot $99.95 USD
    Allagash PLUS Cot from $58.69 USD $85.90 USD
    TriLite Cot $67.46 USD $84.95 USD
    TLC 7000 Ultralight Cot $97.95 USD $179.95 USD
    Cottage Cot Bed $179.95 USD
    TriLite Stool from $24.25 USD $29.95 USD