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Byer of Maine is pleased to bring the Amazonas line of hammocks to the North American market.  Regardless of where they are produced, all of our hammocks are handcrafted to a high standard worthy of the Byer and Amazonas brands.  Our designs are configured to provide a comfortable and safe hammock experience.  We urge you to follow the illustration on the instructions and care label that direct you to “RECLINE DIAGONALLY….Enjoy hammock comfort the Brazilian Way."  Your back stays straight and you can lie for hours, sleeping, relaxing and dreaming in ultimate comfort.  Also check out our hanging chairs, stands and other hanging accessories.  

View our guide on: How to Hang Our Hammocks

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Barbados Hammock $79.95 USD $89.95 USD
Paradiso Hammock Double $109.95 USD $129.95 USD
Lambada Hammock $59.95 USD $69.95 USD
Brasilia Hammock $69.95 USD $79.95 USD
Aruba Hammock -- Outlet stock $34.95 USD $69.95 USD
Aruba Jet Set -- Outlet Stock $139.95 USD $179.95 USD
Brazil Hammock Chair $79.95 USD $89.95 USD
Ceara Hammock Stand $199.90 USD $229.95 USD
Kronos Hammock Stand $249.95 USD $299.95 USD
Olymp Hammock stand $399.95 USD $479.95 USD
Atlas Chair Stand $384.95 USD $479.95 USD
Luna Stand $229.95 USD $249.95 USD
Luna Stand -- Outlet Stock $199.95 USD $249.95 USD
MicroRope $14.95 USD $17.95 USD
SmartRope $14.95 USD $16.95 USD
DuraSwivel Hanging Chair System $29.85 USD $44.95 USD