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Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance of Pangean Furniture, Folding Cots, Amazonas Hammocks

Care & Maintenance

Metal Frame cots & stools

All our metal frame products are suitable for use either indoors or out, but should not be left with extended exposure to the elements. Cover fabrics are 100% polyester that is naturally mildew and fade resiatand. Should they become soiled, they can be cleaned with mild detergent and thoroughly rinsed for cleaning. Care should be taken that the product is thoroughly dry before storage. All fasteners and frames should be inspected regularly and any loose fasteners tightened to restore rigidity to your furniture.

    Pangean Furniture

    Our Pangean furniture is produced with hardwood frames and polyester or polyester & cotton fabrics. We recommend storage indoors between uses.

    The wood is treated at the producing factory with a penetrating oil finish. We recommend re-coating of the wood with a clear penetrating outdoor wood finish from time to time. These finishes can be found in the paint department of your hardware store or home center. Use care to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions carefully. Left exposed and untreated, the wood may discolor and crack and fabrics will fade and lose strength. All fasteners and frames should be inspected regularly and any loose fasteners tightened to restore rigidity to your furniture.

    Fabrics can be rinsed or hosed off for cleaning. No machine wash or dry. Care should be taken to ensure furniture is dry before storage.

    Amazonas Hammocks and Chairs

    Our Amazonas products are produced in a number of cotton, poly/cotton and synthetic fabrics. See individual product descriptions for fiber content. While designed for outdoor use, we recommend indoor storage between uses. Care should be taken to ensure that hammock strings are not tangled or chafed. When hanging, hammocks should be hung from a flexible point…a rope, a chain or carabiner to avoid chafing at the hanging point. Be extremely careful to ensure hammocks and hanging chairs are hung from a point or points suitably strong for the anticipated use. Seek professional assistance if you have any doubts as to your ability to properly judge the strength of any hanging point.

    Hammocks can be hosed-off for cleaning with clear, cold water. No detergent or other chemical cleaners should be used. No machine washing. Air dry thoroughly before storage.

    Byer Birding Products

    Our Alcyon bird homes are made of porcelain coated stoneware and can be left outdoors without harm indefinitely. Bird homes should be cleaned-out seasonally.

    Important Safety Note

    All our products are designed to support an adult under normal use. They are NOT designed to withstand the impact from falling, jumping or bouncing. Children should always be supervised when around folding furniture, hammocks and hanging chairs. Treated and used responsibly, and properly maintained, our products will provide many years of comfort and service.