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Hammock Hanging Guide

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 Minimum Hanging Dimensions

Barbados or Paradiso Hammock: You will need a minimum of 11.5 feet between anchor points. 

Traveller or Moskito Hammock:You will need a minimum of 10 feet between anchor points.

Mauritius Hammock:You will need a minimum of 10 feet between anchor points.

Aruba Hammock:You will need a minimum of 9.5 feet between anchor points.

*A Note Regarding Height*

The height of the clew eye off the ground or floor shoud be approximatley 5 feet at each end. Keep in mind, the greater the length of the ropes or chains from the clew eye to the hanging point, the higher that hanging point will need to be. The idea is that the hammock should always hanging in a "U," and should always  lie diagonally in the Brazilian style.


The Moskito Kakoon

While the Moskito Kakoon hangs like most any other hammock we offer, there is one key element that you must pay attention to. 

The supporting guy line for the netting, like the hanging points for the hammock, should be hung roughly 10 feet apart. But unlike the hammock itself, the guy line should not be hung too tightly. If the guy line is hung too tightly, it will stress the net when you climb in -- and that stress can potentially lead to the net tearing.

Always make sure the guy line is secure; however, make sure that there is enough slack in it to provide some flexibility for the net when the hammock is in use.

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When you only have one tree:

The Madera Stand offers everything you need to support one end of a hammock. The opposing end can be attached to a tree, porch, corner of a house or any solid anchor point with a SmartRope.The SmartRope provides 6 feet of adjustment. An EasyHookcan also be used for direct attachement of the hammock to the structure, or when the SmartRope cannot be wrapped around a tree or post.

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 When you have two trees:

When you have two trees about the right distance apart you can use a SmartRope on each end of your Barbados, Paradiso, Gigante or Mauritius hammock. Each SmartRope will provide approximately 6 feet of adjustment and does not require any tools to set up. Two are required; one for each end of the hammock.

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To Hang a Traveller or a Moskito Hammock between two trees, a MicroRope is a lightweight and compact solution. The MicroRope provides up to 10 feet of adjustment and does not require any tools to set up. Each package contains two MicroRopes.

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 Amazonas Hammock Stands:

The Ceara Hammock Standworks with any hammock in our Amazonas line, with the exception of the Gigante Hammock. Offering horizontal adjustments, it’s a cost-effective and rugged stand that is 124 inches to 149 inches long and 54 inches high.

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