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Pagoda Bird Feeder

The Byer of Maine Alcyon Pagoda Bird Feeder provides an innovative twist on a classic design. It adds flair to your garden while feeding your favorite songbirds and deterring pests like squirrels and Jays. Sturdy and attractive, this feeder combines stoneware and wire for a unique look. The wire spacing is just wide enough to accommodate small beaks, and too narrow for larger beaks and little paws to comfortably raid the seed. The stoneware base is wide enough for comfortable perching. The matching sloped top pops off for easy refill with smaller seed, like Black Oil Sunflower. Hanging is easy and versatile. The hand-forged steel hanger that comes with the feeder can be hung from a tree, or screwed into a flat surface. At 4 pounds unfilled it may be a bit heavier than most feeders, but it’s still lightweight enough that your hanging options aren’t limited.

  • Give small beaked songbirds a place to eat in peace with our Pagoda Bird Feeder. The wire spacing of the body is sized to work best with Black Oil Sunflower seed. Also, the spacing is too narrow for larger birds like Jays and squirrels to raid the feeder comfortably.
  • The top and base are made from heavy duty stoneware finished with a glossy glaze in one of two colors: cobalt blue or sandy granite. The sloping top is easy to remove for refilling and cleaning. The base is just wide enough for your favorite songbirds to perch. Drainage holes have been inserted in order to prevent seed from mouldering in the feeder.
  • It’s easy to refill this feeder. Just remove the top, pour in new seed, and pop the top back in place. Cleaning is minimal, and no tricky maneuvering with a collapsable body.
  • Each Pagoda bird feeder comes with an attractive hand-forged steel hanging hook. The hook can be screwed into a flat surface, like an outside wall, or hung from a tree branch, making it easy for you to place wherever you want in your garden.
  • This feeder is 9”x9”x10” and 4lbs unfilled. Small and lightweight, it can be hung just about anywhere.
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