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Atlas Chair Stand

Enjoy peaceful relaxation, indoors or out with the hanging chair of your choice.  Handsome, graceful design is possible with the strong, stiff laminated spruce wood construction.  Hanging height is adjustable with provided chain and carabiner.  Chair stand is factory treated with a penetrating oil finish.  

  • Hanging height adjustable from approx. 79" to 93".  
  • Stable with 55" x 55" footprint.
  • Simple assembly with all hardware and tools provided.
  • Our strongest stand is rated for 260 lb. max load
  • The wood is factory treated for outdoor use but we recommend simple refresh with a wood protectant from time to time depending on climate and exposure.  We include recommendations with each stand.  

PLEASE NOTE that this chair stand is designed for residential leisure activities only. It should provide many years of excellent service in home applications when used for quiet relaxation. The chair it supports should NOT be used as a swing or subjected to continuous rotation. It should NOT be subjected to loads exceeding the 260 lb. weight limit. It is NOT designed for use in therapeutic care or other commercial or institutional environments where it would be subjected continuous movement, rotation, or excessive repeated loading.