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Byer of Maine Testimonials – Maine Folding Cots & Hammocks


Byer of Maine Testimonials

Barbados Hammock"I purchased your Amazonas Barbados Hammock along with a traditional cotton rope hammock deciding to try them both and then keeping the best of the two. The Amazonas was by far the most comfortable of the two. It was also the easiest to get out of. I'm a big guy weighing 250 and after getting in your hammock I fell asleep quite easily, I know where I'll sleep on hot summer nights."

- Bernt H., via e-mail


"We get compliments on our Globo Chair every time someone walks into our backyard, and it’s always the first seat taken during gatherings. My partner and I definitely recommend this chair! It’s beyond comfortable, it’s like a floating on a cloud! It’s sturdy, and it weathers the ups and downs of outdoor life without a problem.", Review Online

"I have thought about buying one of those cheaper fold-out things, but still like my Maine Lounger better." - Buck P., Jacksonville, FL


TriLite Camping Stool"I just wanted to let you know how much I love my Byer TriLite Stool. I bought it recently for a 4 day back packing trip in the Smokey Mountains. It proved to be light weight and worked well. One night I left it set up outside the tent. A few hours later a black bear visited our campsite and decided to take a bite out of the stool seat. He left such a perfect imprint of his teeth in the seat sling, his dentist would be proud. The seat has continued to perform well on that trip and another, in spite of the perforations. I wouldn't hit the trails without it." 

- Lew C., Lutz, FL


"Recently I purchased an Amazonas Hammock, it is the most comfortable hammock. I like being able to unhook one end, stuff it back in its bag and hang it up on the other hook, a big space saver."

- Beverly K., Madison, NH


Allagash AL Folding Cot"I have been using an Allagash Cot for about 10 years. It has been on just about every Boy Scout outing that our troop has arranged."

- Paul K., Crystal Lake, IL




"Just wanted to give a positive comment in regards to a hammock stand I just purchased from you.  At first i was thinking that maybe I paid a bit more than I wanted just for a hammock stand.  But after assembling it and trying it out I must say it is quite a stand!  Very good.  I'm sure I shall spend many a fine evening relaxing in it.  Nice product!"

- William Hanley, Review Online