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Siena UNO Chair

The combination of unique design and superior quality make this beautiful chair for a great addition to your home or cottage. Multiple heavy duty layers of laminated, weatherproofed spruce wood guarantee maximum stability and strength. The Sienna Uno features a big soft cushion lined with a weather-resistant Agora fabric cover. This chair is perfect for use both inside and outside, which makes it a real cozy place to spend an afternoon.

  • Make the elegant Globo Sienna Uno chair with cushion the centerpiece of your indoor or outdoor living and entertaining space. This big round outdoor chair is made from multiple layers of weatherproofed spruce wood. The cushions are covered with an Agora fabric. Perfect for your porch, patio, or garden.
  • Indoors or out. The wood is treated for outdoor use and we recommend treating it with a penetrating oil finish once or twice a year depending on how extreme your outdoor elements are. If used indoors, you’ll never have to worry about treating the wood.
  • The Agora fabric that covers the cushion is also ideal for indoors or out. It is designed to protect against all outdoor conditions from the sun and moisture. Water damage, stains, U/V rays, etc. Water Resistant, Weather Resistant. But it is also as soft as cotton so use inside your living space or bedroom is a comfortable fit.
  • To make things easier, this porch chair comes partially assembled. The big round cushion chair works both indoors and out. Inside your bedroom or out on your porch. It can hold up to 260lbs. This round weather proof garden chair is big designed two people.
  • Dimensions are 48"W x 37"H x 26"D. This big round cushion chair has room for one person to get real cozy.

Colors: Green, Natural, Taupe or Terracotta. Dimensions: 48"L X 26"D X 37"H. Weight: 41 lbs. Weight Capacity: 260 lbs.