Globo Chair Stand

The Globo Chair Stand was built to be just as stunning to look at as the chair it supports. Made from laminate spruce the Globo Stand ensures your floating chair is safe and secure and offers you the flexibility to place your chair anywhere. More than an accessory, this stand adds appeal and security to your beautiful Globo chair.

  • The elegant design of this stand is made to exclusively match the style of our Globo hanging chair. Made from layered spruce wood, this stand is strong enough to safely hold you while you while away the hours. · Includes all hardware and tools required for simeple assembly. Please refer to the instructions for more details.
  • This stand is designed for use with our Globo Chair, and is suitable for chair occupants up to 260lbs.  It is not suitable for use with other hanging chairs.  For other chairs, please consider our Atlas Stand.
  • The wood is treated for outdoor use but we recommend treating it with a penetrating preservative finish once or twice a year depending on how extreme your outdoor elements are.
  • This stand will require a bit of space to accommodate, as its dimensions run 54"L X 54"W X 67"H.

Dimensions: 50"W X 54"D X 67"H. Weight: 33 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 260 lbs