Globo Royal Chair Stand

A luxurious hardwood hanging chair stand designed exclusively for the new Globo Royal Chair.

Heavy-duty spruce wood construction means this stand lets you cozy up to your favorite person in Byer of Maine’s Globo Double Royal hanging chair while keeping you safely suspended. The attractive spruce support beams are treated for outdoor use, but will require maintenance by oiling every six months or so to keep it strong and weather-resistant. The simple, intuitive design provides a visually elegant match for the Globo Royal two person patio chair it was designed to hold. Assembly requires tool use, which is provided along with required hardware. This stand’s dimensions run 91"W x 77"H x 54"D and the weight limit is 500 lbs (including chair).

  • The elegant design of this stand perfectly matches Byer of Maine’s Globo Royal hanging chair Made from weather-treated layered spruce wood, this stand is perfect to keep you suspended and carefree.
  • To make assembly easier, we’ve gone ahead and included all the hardware and tools required for assembly. Please refer to the instructions for more details.
  • This stand is intended to be used with Byer of Maine’s two person/loveseat Globo Royal Patio Chair, and can hold a combined weight up to 440lbs (in addition to the chair). It is not intended to be taken apart when not in use, so it will require a bit of space.
  • The wood is treated for outdoor use but we recommend maintaining it with a penetrating oil finish once or twice a year depending on how extreme your outdoor elements are.
  • This stand’s dimensions run 91"W x 77"H x 54"D