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2021 Father's Day Gift Guide

Now, last month we made sure you took good care of Mom on Mother’s Day. Now, it’s Dad’s turn! The hardworking men in our life need some R&R and deserve the best! We have some great ideas for all kinds of different dads, from the adventuring dad to the king of the backyard. He will surely be impressed!

For the Dad who likes Adventures

We have a wide variety of Cots for all kinds of different uses but, for those dads who love a good camping trip we have a perfect lightweight option that he can carry in a hiking pack to remote locations or simply lighten the load when camping with the Family! The TLC 7000 Ultralight Cot weighs only 5.6 pounds! It’s made of heavy-duty aluminum and is incredibly durable with a weight limit of 325 pounds! It goes together and apart very easily and rolls all up into a nice little compact package! We are firm believers that everyone deserves to get off the ground, including your dad! Give him some comfort for his next camping adventure!


The Backyard King

We all know a dad who can always be found puttering in the backyard, lawn mowing, gardening or just inspecting all the nooks and crannies of his well-manicured lawn. Well, we have the perfect gift for this dad to make him love his backyard even more! Not only do hammocks look really great and inviting in any backyard but, they provide your dad with a little bit of rest after a long day of yard work. We have several hammocks to achieve this relaxation goal for your dad but our favorite has to be the Barbados hammock! The colors of these hammocks and the comfort cannot be outdone. They look beautiful! Don’t forget to get a stand for him if his backyard is lacking two good hammock trees. What good is a hammock without the ability to hang in it!

The Tailgating Dad

We all know them and love them, the dads on the run with kids in tow to Soccer, baseball, gymnastics, hockey, dance, etc etc etc...We see you, road warrior and tailgating master. We have a few options for the dad who is standing at the field all weekend! Our Pangean line of folding wood furniture offers up some seating that may be useful to this dad. He can fold up his chair and keep it safe in his car for all of the things!  Lightweight and easy to unfold it’s a stylish solution, all the other Tailgating dads and moms will be so jealous! Bonus, if this dad is also a backyard dad, these are really great for decks and patios!