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Happy National Hammock Day!

Yes, there is in fact a day to celebrate your Hammock and around here we think it’s a big deal! July 22nd is National Hammock Day and it’s only fair we give this ultimate symbol of rest and relaxation a day, right smack dab in the middle of summer, to be celebrated! We thought it would be fun to teach you the history of the hammock and show you some ideas on how to spend the day in celebration and recognition of the Hammock.

History of the Hammock
The word “hammock” means fishnet and originated from a Taino culture in Central America. Hammocks can be traced back to the Mayan culture thousands of years ago. Back then, they were used purely for protection from creatures and dirt. Hammocks were brought to Europe by explorers who discovered the Taino people using them in the Caribbean and soon it was discovered that using them on ships cut down on weight and space. More people were able to fit comfortably on the ship. In fact, these portable beds were used on ships in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. It is said that they cut down on seasickness since they moved fluidly with the boat. By the 19th century, British prisons replaced cots with hammocks to cut down on cost and space but over here in American they were used by farmers for a place to take a mid-day snooze and wealthy families for backyard leisure, and the hammocks we know and love today were created.

Let’s Celebrate!
Here are a few ways to celebrate these colorful, beautiful, most wonderful, slings of fabric!

1) Have a hammock picnic
Invite your friends, family, and their hammocks to join you in a park with some good hammocking trees! Set up your hammocks and enjoy each other’s company and some delicious eats!

2) Take your Hammock to Work
Enjoy your lunch break in your hammock. Or depending on your boss, maybe put it up in your office. Or if you like us, the hammocks are already at work. On July 22nd we will be lounging and working as we thank our boss for having the vision to sell these incredible nap pods/office spaces (just to clarify we won’t be napping...much).

3) Make your Hammock Destination list
If you don’t already have one of these, we HIGHLY recommend making one. List all the places you would like to hang your hammock someday. It could be exotic places or places you could walk to from home. The possibilities are endless. Then, even better, send those photos to us, we want to see them and share them to provide inspiration to everyone!

No matter where, or how, or with whom you spend National Hammock Day with we hope you have fun with it. We hope you have a cozy Amazonas hammock from Byer of Maine waiting for you at home, or in your office (we are so blessed). Happy National Hammock Day to all of you!