Its time to Prepare...for Winter.

We have been graced with an incredible October here in Maine. While we can’t quite claim that it has been the warmest October on record yet (that title belongs to October 2017) we can easily say it has been the most perfect weather for getting outside for leaf peeping and adventures!

Inevitably, this will all come to an end. The frost will arrive and a few weeks later the snow will fly. This time of year, we like to remind our friends on how to care for their Byer of Maine products before putting them away for the winter. This ensures they will be well taken care of while in storage and ready to roll for next year!

Hammocks and Hanging Chairs
Even while in use we recommend you take in your hammocks and hanging chairs while they are not in active use. It keeps the fabric colors bright and colorful, avoiding fading from the sun. It also keeps them nice and soft!

When you take them down for the winter, store them inside to prevent mice or other creatures seeking warmth to chew on the fabric and strings. You also want to make sure they are dry before folding them up. This will prevent mold and mildew from your hammock or hanging chair!

Pangean and Globo Furniture
This is the best time to give your wooden furniture a good coat of Thompson’s Wood Protector. This will freshen up the look of the wood and give it a layer of protection from the elements! The fabric can be cleaned with a mild soap and water, using a soft bristled brush. Again, store cushions somewhere they can be kept inside if possible and make sure the fabric is dry before storing! Finally, tighten any fasteners that may have become loose from use over the summer!

Clean the assembled cot with mild soap and water using a bristle brush and make sure they are air dried before storing.

Bird Feeders and Homes
The cooler days remind us it’s time to replenish your bird seed supply and get your feeders ready to help the birds with supplemental food. That investment pays off both in helping the birds and the joy of watching them through the winter season.

With the onset of fall, it’s a great time to clean and inspect your Byer bird homes. It’s fine to put them back in place outdoors to enjoy their beauty as they await the nesting season.