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New Byer Birding, Just in Time for Spring!

Ahhh, Spring Time. The second the calendar turns to March there is so much hope for the return of sunshine and flowers. The first 40-degree day here in Maine is something we like to call “first spring”. That essentially means that tomorrow or if we are lucky, the day after tomorrow, we will see freezing temps again. Eventually, we will experience “Spring 2” and so on until that moment, we have 10 days of 40-degree weather, which means mud season has officially arrived! HAPPY DAY!

“First Spring” also typically means most of us will wash our cars to rid them of the salt and sand build-up from the winter roads. Windows are rolled down and music is blared all over town. Some folks bring out their sandals and other brave souls get on their motorcycles for their first ride of the season! Everyone goes for a walk, EVERYONE! The best part is, we lose the parkas and boots, that’s a celebration in itself! Even the birds get a little confused and if you listen closely you can hear them singing! Well, we are celebrating our first Spring here by showing off our new Byer Birding products! Spring fever has officially set in and we are ready to put out our products for the return of the birds!

First up, our new Humming Bird Feeder

Our new Alcyon Hummingbird feederis a product of observation and research in hummingbird feeder design. Produced in strong, high-fired stoneware with durable vitreous glazes in rich and varied colors. It utilizes an easily cleaned glass jar topped with a bright red, gasketed cap. The jar is surrounded by a generous moat that, when filled with water, will keep ants and other insects from the nectar. At the end of the season, the entire feeder can be cleaned in the dishwasher (excluding the chain).

  • Designed for hummingbird care and human joy
  • Integral moat protects against nectar contamination
  • The glass jar holds 6.5 Oz. to promote frequent cleaning and refreshment.
  • Moat offers a water source for other species
  • Rim provides secure perch for resting
  • Glazed finish and glass are easily cleaned
  • Materials and design offer enduring value
  • Can optionally be combined with our birdbaths (sold separately)

Second, our Sphere Feeder,

Our Sphere feeder builds on the complimentary sister products in our line. The sphere shape of the feed vessel is topped by a graceful stoneware roof.

  • A large wire-wound feed basket is self-draining and finished with durable powder coating. 
  • The stoneware roof is produced in high-fired stoneware with a reactive glaze. Easy to refill the feeder.
  • Just lift the roof, pour in new seed, and lower the roof back in place. Cleaning is minimal.  
  • Each Sphere feeder includes our attractive hand-forged steel hanging hook. This versatile hook can be screwed into a vertical surface or hung from a tree branch, making it easy for you to place the feeder in the ideal location.

Third, the MangoStone Fly-Through Feeder

Our MangoStone Fly-Through feeder is the successor to a popular feeder from our Mango wood line.  

  • The graceful shape is produced in high-fired stoneware with durable, deeply colorful reactive glazes.  
  • Open design provides security for the birds and great viewing for the humans who feed them.
  • Easy to refill with good drainage to keep the seed fresh
  • Hangs from a custom chain with a wire hook for easy and versatile hanging options.

Next, the Prairie Feeder

The Alcyon Line is made of high fired, heavy-duty stoneware and features a welded, powder-coated seed container for durability. Our Alcyon Prairie Feeder from Byer of Maine is designed to be beautiful and functional. Designed to be easily cleaned and refilled, the Prairie's roof easily slides up its rugged hanging cable allowing access to add seeds or other birds feed. This lovely feeder is available in three bold colors. Whether you hang it from a tree limb or a permanently fixed surface, the Praire is an attractive addition to anyone's home, business, or getaway. Wire spacing is sized to work best with Black Oil sunflower seed.

And last but certainly not least, we are introducing some new colors in our radial style birdbaths, Baywater Blue and Autumn Red.


The Alcyon Radial Bird Bath is made from durable and attractive porcelain stoneware designed to withstand outdoor exposure. The brilliant reflective glaze accentuates the concentric circle design. Mounted on a sturdy powder-coated steel post, it will look stunning in your backyard or garden.
Though durable, they should be taken in during the winter months and not left out in freezing temperatures

We are hopeful that these new birding products will be just the special touch your backyard needs this spring!